How to create guest users for uploading files and sharing files securely

1)    Log onto Swizz Sync portal:

2)    On the top right hand side, where your username is located, click on the drop down menu

3)    From the drop down menu, select Management Console. Here you will see all of the files and/or folder you are currently sharing.

4)    You will see the following Icons guest1.PNG  the first icon is for editing the share and adding guests. The second icon is to unpublished the share

5)    Click on the first icon to add a guest

6)    The following dialogue box will open,


7)    Click invite user to share

8)    Next enter the email address or addresses of the individuals you would like to provide access to.

9)    Next select the expiration time for the share, also select the read only access or full control access

10)  Click Share

11)  The user will receive an email with detail on how to access the shared document or folder.



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