SwizzSync Outlook Plugin

If you have Swizz Sync installed on your computer, you should have received a prompt to install the Outlook plug-in. If you have not, please restart your computer to see the prompt (see below). 



On the above dialogue window, please click on YES to install the Outlook Plugin. 

Once the plugin has been install, restart Outlook if you have it open, if not, just start up your Outlook application.

Using the Outlook Plug-In

To use the Outlook plug-in:

  1. Open up Outlook 
  2. Click on new email
  3. On the new window you should see the following on the top menu bar    swizzsync_outlook1.PNG
  4. Click on Addfiles and/or AddFolder to open up the attachment dialogue window.
  5. On the left hand side of the window that just opened, please search for your SwizzSync Drive
  6. If you clicked on Addfiles, navigate to any file you wish to share.
  7. If you clicked on AddFolder, navigate to any folder you wish to share.




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