Receiver Upgrade

Swizznet has updated it systems to provide you with the newest technology that is available. Once you have completed all the steps below your NEW Swizznet Receiver interface will look like similar to this image:

There are three parts to this process:

  1. Clean out the setting from the current Receiver.
  2. Uninstall current Citrix Receiver.
  3. Install and Configure new Receiver.

We will walk through all these processes in details below. Let’s get started.

To accomplish the upgrade these are the steps you must do. If you have any problems along the way do not hesitate to call us at 1-888-794-9948 or enter a support ticket. Someone will get back with you and help you complete the steps.



  1. Locate the Citrix Icon in your system tray and click to open it.


  1. After you have opened Receiver you should see something that looks like this next image. 
  1. Once you have the Receiver open click the small drop down arrow shown in the red box below and select Accounts…


  1. On the Account screen you should see something like this, you will need to remove the “portal” account and then click OK. If you do not see an account named portal should so remove whatever you see here.
    1. Check the box next to the account
    2. Click Remove
    3. Click OK


  1. Click Remove to confirm that you want to remove the account.


  1. Be sure all accounts are removed, at this point it should looks like this image:



  1.  Click on your start menu, locate the menu option “Control Panel” and click on it,



  1. Once you have opened Control Panel you should see something similar to this screen. Locate the Programs and Features options as shown here:



  1. Locate Citrix Receiver as shown. Yours may look slightly different but look for the name Citrix Receiver and the Publisher of Citrix Systems, Inc. Once you have located the program click the Uninstall button near the top as shown here. Now follow the screen prompts to finish the removal of the software.



  1. Click here to get the current versions of receiver-

2. Depending upon the browser you are using either Save or Run the CitrixReceiver.exe to start the install. Follow the next series of images to complete the install.

Click Start to begin the install…


Accept the license agreement and click next…


Make a selection and click install…


The Receiver will install….



At this point click “Finish”. We will add an account automatically in the next step by using a .CR record.



A special file named is attached to this KB article, download and save this file on your computer in a location you can find it.

Once saved locate the file and click on it…


After clicking the file you will see this next image, click Add….

NOTE: the name in the title should say “Swizznet” just as shown here!


Enter your user name that you logon to our system with. It may look like what is in the image below, or in some cases it maybe your email address.

Simply use the same username you use today!


HINT: if have been entering your username in the format: Swizznet\username – you no longer need to do this just enter as show in this image.



After you have authenticated please check your account setting by clicking the little down arrow and selecting Accounts:


If it is setup correctly your account settings should look like this….


Now you will want to add your favorite applications. Click APPS as shown….


Select the “Details” link next to an Icon which you want to add to your favorites. For example if you want to add 2013 Quickbooks Pro then you would do the following:

Click Details,


Select “Add To Favorites”….

HINT: You can click the blue arrow to go back to APPS to add more Favorites.


At any time if you wish to add another application as a favorite just go back to APPS and add it…



When you are all done your screen might look similar to this one with your favorite apps installed.


HINT: You can drag and drop the icons in different locations to order them how you would like to see them.


Now you can go back to work….!


Again if you have any problems please contact us at 1-888-794-9948.




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