EDR - Sentinel One Manual Uninstall

Reboot PC in Safe Mode with Networking

The PC must be a wired connection to have networking available.

If WIFI the user will need to run the uninstaller

You will need to transfer the uninstaller to the client PC prior to performing these steps

Search msconfig and select System Configuration

Select the Boot Tab > Check Safe Boot and Network > Ok

Reboot PC

Once PC has been rebooted Search "cmd"

Right click Command Prompt and Run as Administrator

NOTE: This path location is assuming the uninstaller was transferred via ScreenConnect. If not then cd to the location of the uninstaller.

type cd Documents > Enter

Type cd ConnectWiseControl

Type cd Files

Type dir to verify the uninstaller is listed

Copy/Paste this command: SentinelCleaner_22_1GA_64.exe -d 0 -k 1


Once completed you should see "The command completed successfully"

Reboot the PC in normal mode

Search msconfig and select System Configuration

Select the General tab > check Normal Startup > Ok

Once rebooted, verify the Sentinel One agent is not in apps or verify it is not in services





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