Installing Citrix Workspaces for Mac

The initial setup typically takes about 10-15 minutes. 

Installing the Citrix Workspaces for Mac
Whenever you’re logged into Swizznet always click yes to download/accept/install/allow when prompted.

Before you can begin working in the system you must first install the Citrix Workspaces.


You can get the latest version here:


  1. Click here to begin the download process.
  2. Your computer may display a warning that the file you are downloading contains an application. Click Continue.

  3. After downloading, the installer should start automatically. If the installer does not automatically start, then double click on the file you just downloaded to start the install process.

  4. When the installation begins, you will see a Citrix Workspaces window with two options, double click the Install Citrix Workspaces.pkg

  5. In the Install Citrix Workspaces window, there will be a pop up window warning you that this package will run a program to determine if the software can be installed, click Continue.

  6. In the Install Citrix Workspaces Window, click continue to begin installation.

  7. On the License Agreement screen in the Citrix Workspaces Installer, click "Continue". A pop up window will then appear that you must agree to the terms of the software license agreement.  Click "continue". Leave "App protection" unchecked.

  8. In the Standard Install on Macintosh HD screen, click Install.

  9. You will then have an Authentication screen pop up. If you have a password setup on your computer, enter that and click OK. If you do not have a password setup, leave the password field blank and click OK.

  10. In the Citrix Workspaces Installer you will receive notification that the software was successfully installed, click Close.

  11. The Citrix Workspaces will then open automatically and ask for a server or email address. Click cancel and close out of the receiver.

  12. You can then go to the login page, and login and begin working. See Launching Applications.

NOTE: If Citrix Workspaces hangs on the welcome screen after downloading and saving it your computer, simply restart your computer and then try installing the Citrix Workspaces again. This should resolve the issue.

Applications Not Launching

If your applications will still not launch after installing the Citrix Workspaces, you will need to make some setting changes to your browser. Please see full knowledge base article here. 

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