Sage Paperless

Setting up Sage Paperless Construction on your clients Swizznet cloud server is simple. The most important point is that you need to place your data folder on D:\Sage Paperless Construction (see below).


With your Paperless data stored here, we can ensure that we capture a backup of the database as well as all the other critical documents nightly.

We also require that you set up a nightly backup polling job within Paperless Construction per the instructions that are recommended by Sage support in this document that covers How to Setup Polling Jobs in Sage Construction. Be sure the backup jobs are configured to save on the servers data folder:

Cloud Workspace Clients: (C:\data\companycode\*)

Citrix Clients:  the default Paperless install location (C:\Sage Paperless Construction\Database\SQL Backups).

Please double check that the backups are actually being created at that location, because Swizznet will back up the files in that folder to our 30 day retention system.

There are six Job Poll jobs that are recommended everyone set up:

  1. DB Backup:
    • Recommended settings:
      • 1/day at Midnight (0:00)
      • Include weekends
      • Local path to where the SQL server is located
        (Please NOTE: the example shown in the documentation lists C:\Sage Paperless Construction\Database\SQL Backups as the path – PLEASE double check the files are being created at D:\Sage Paperless Construction\Database\SQL Backups)
      • May be on separate drive, if so, there may be permissions issues, however we do not want you to do this.
      • Set to Email On Failure
  1. DB Backup Log:
    • 1/hour at 30 minute mark
    • Recommended settings:

By setting the system up in this manner there will be a copy of the active live database, a nightly backup .BAK file on the server, and Swizznet will backup these files and store them for an additional 30 days.



Because we hold 30 copies of each of these files rolling back in the event of an issue becomes an easy process.




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