Sage 300 CRE 18.X w/ SQL Replicator and 17.X w/ SQL Replicator

Schedule nightly backups through the SQL Replicator.

1. Launch SQL Replicator from System Administrator

2. Configure SQL Replicator and make sure that your replicating status is: YES

3. Set Backup. By default, it will already be configured to run for the company folders you have configured within Sage. Ensure that they are all showing up. Change the folder to store the backups to the customers data drive, in our case: C:\data\ETTT\Sage Backup. But anywhere under the \data\* folder will be fine. This way, the backups are going to a location that the Swizznet nightly backups will backup to the cloud. Set a time for them to run (avoid 12:00-2:00AM as we do nightly reboots during this time period).

4. Make sure to click "Save Configuration" and then make sure your automated backups run. They will generate .zip files in the folder you specified, with a time stamp for identification.




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