Sage 300 ERP

For Sage 300 ERP, we will grab the files/folders from the C:\Sage\* and also have the ability to hook our SQL backup agent into the instance (contact us to make sure our backup agent is configured and has the appropriate permissions) so that individual databases can be restored. 

Requirements for our Acronis SQL Agent:

  • cws\AcronisBU must have SysAdmin on the instance
  • LOCAL SYSTEM must have SysAdmin on the instance
  • VSSSQLWriter must be working properly
    • You can make sure the SQL writer is properly working by running this command: vssadmin list writers , make sure SQL Writer is listed without an errors.
  • Instance must using SQL Standard or greater

If you have any other questions, please reach out so we can make sure your customers environment is being properly backed up.


*Sage ERP databases being backed up nightly 



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