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The following administrative document has important information regarding backup procedures. Please begin at page 33:

The following is stated within the document:

Sage Estimating Management Console includes Backup and Restore tools that we recommend you use for backing up and restoring your Sage Estimating data. They are very efficient processes that minimize the possibility of error. In addition, the Restore process automatically upgrades databases to your current version if you backed them up using an earlier version, which can save you time. For more information and step-by-step instructions, see the Estimating Management Console help.

Please be sure to store your backups at: D:\backups as shown in the image below.

We recommend you utilize this tool. If you are running the SQL version, and you prefer to do so, you can also use the SQL Server Management Studio.

If you choose to use the SQL Server Management Studio method the above-referenced document has pertinent information or you can follow our steps as outlined in this document in the section entitled “SQL Server Backup Methodologies”.

It is important to realize that if you are using SQL Express then neither the built-in backup tool or the SQL Server Management Studio will allow you to schedule automatic backups. For this reason, you will need to remember to run the backup tool manually.

If you are running one of the supported full versions of SQL server then you can automate your backups as outlined in this document in the section entitled “SQL Server Backup Methodologies”.

Please be sure to save any data and backups to the data folder (in our example case, C:\data\*) to ensure that our nightly backup is grabbing your backups.



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