RD Client for Android

Download the Remote Desktop client from Google Play.

Add a Remote Desktop connection

To create a Remote Desktop connection:

In the Connection Center tap +, and then tap Desktop.

Enter the following information for the computer you want to connect to:

PC name/Server address –   

To find the server name, if you are admin log into manage.swizznet.com and go to your Cloud Workspace Settings.  If you are not an admin please contact your admin or submit a ticket.

User name – The user name to use to access Swizznet. You can also specify whether to prompt for a user name and password.

You can also set the following additional options:

Friendly name – An easy-to-remember name for the PC you are connecting to. You can use any string, but if you do not specify a friendly name, the PC name is displayed.

Gateway – The Remote Desktop gateway that you want to use to connect to virtual desktops, RemoteApp programs, and session-based desktops on an internal corporate network. Get the information about the gateway from your system administrator. Need to configure a Remote Desktop Gateway?

Sound – Select the device to use for audio during your remote session. You can choose to play sound on the local devices, the remote device, or not at all.

Customize display resolution - Set a custom resolution for a connection by enabling this setting. When off the resolution is applied which you have defined in the global settings of the app.

Swap mouse buttons – Use this option to swap the left mouse button functions for the right mouse button. (This is especially useful if the remote PC is configured for a left-handed user but you use a right-handed mouse.)

Connect to admin session - Use this option to connect to a console session to administrate a Windows server.

Redirect to local storage – Mounts your local storage as a remote file system on the remote PC.

Tap Save.

Need to edit these settings? Tap the overflow menu (...) next to the name of the desktop, and then tap edit.

Want to delete the connection? Again, tap the overflow menu (...), and then tap remove.


If you get error 0xf07 about a bad password ("We couldn't connect to the remote PC because the password associated with the user account has expired"), change your password and try again.




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