Sharing a SwizzSync Folder

SwizzSync provides the ability to share your company folder or items inside of it.  Sharing your SwizzSync provides individuals of your choosing the ability to view and/or download items.  Full control of a SwizzSync folder, including the option of uploading items, requires a full SwizzSync user.  If you need the additional uploading functionality for someone, please contact our Sales team.


To share a folder in SwizzSync, log in at and right-click your folder.  Click Share.  You can share your entire folder (which includes all sub-folders), or individual sub-folders.




On the next screen enter the email address of the person you are sharing the folder with.  Then click continue.




On the next screen you will want to configure the following items:

Set Expiration.  How long will the shared folder be available to the person.  The default setting is 1 Week.  Click in the field next to 1 Week to select a different expiration.

Select Level of Access.

View/Read-Only - Access provides the ability to view and download items. 

View only - Access provides the ability to view items.  Items are not available for download.

The Edit/Full-Control Access option requires the user you are sharing the folder with to have their own full SwizzSync user to log in with.

Set Password and You will enter a password for the user to log in with. 

Check the Send Share Password Box.  You will also want to make sure it sends the password to the person.

Click Share.




The person will receive an email with a link to follow to the company folder.  They will also receive an email with the password you set up for them.  They will be asked for this password when trying to access the company folder.


If there are ever any issues or for assistance, please contact our Support team.   




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