File Sync & Share Solutions

We have tested a number of different file sync and share solutions that you can deploy within your private cloud workspace on Swizznet.

There are two types of solutions available:

Option 1 - Data is stored with the file sync and share third-party vendor and can be accessed within Swizznet and locally via a mapped drive or via a web browser. Because this data is stored and shared via the cloud it would not count towards your data storage on Swizznet and may be more cost-effective.

One Drive You can map your OneDrive as a drive on Swizznet via a script. Our support can assist you with this. 1 TB of OneDrive storage is included with all Office 365 ProPlus accounts and is a very cost-effective option for sharing files.  

Option 2 - Data that is stored on Swizznet can sync'd to a third-party vendor and accessed via the cloud and/or a locally mapped drive. This option utilizes your paid data storage on Swizznet.

File Cloud
This solution is installed on the server and you select which data on your server that you would like to sync and make available via a locally mapped drive or via the web client. This solution is easy to manage and includes audit logging and user permission management.

Manoj Mohandas

Neither option will work for live databases (Sage databases or QuickBooks files) - these are for sharing other files such as MS Office, PDF's, etc.

Solutions that have not been workable out of the box in testing include: Dropbox and One solution that works is to use with these solutions to make them work like OneDrive above. More details.

Note: We do not endorse or recommend any provider over another. You will need to setup your account directly with the vendor.



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