Can't Browse (Creating UNC Path) Between Servers in CWS Workpsace


Users who are trying to work on multiple servers at the same time via the portal may report that they can not browse/ access the other servers in the workspace.  Here's why:

One limitation, due to the way the system handles the local user accounts that get used when you "gear" into a server, is that you must do the following to ensure that you can create a UNC path to the data server.

- Open your session on the TS/TSD server
- Browse over to the Data server in windows explorer
- "Gear" into the Data server

The reason for this is that each time your username logs into one of the servers from the manage site it resets your local admin password for that session for all the servers in that workspace. If you were to open the TS/TSD then open the Data server and try to create the UNC path, you would not be able to do so, because the credentials of the two servers are now out of sync with their randomly generated session passwords.

Normally, we advise users in the site to only access one server at a time to avoid this potential permissions issue.

If your UNC path gets broken, there is no way to repair it because the password to log back into the other server in the workspace is unknown.  You must follow the steps above again, or only access one server at a time.



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