Cloud Workspace Designer

The Cloud Workspace Designer allows for administrators to build a custom Cloud Workspace Client Installer on demand.  Administrators can brand the client by adding logos, company names, changing workspace client color, etc. 

The Cloud Workspace Designer can be downloaded here: 

Installing the Cloud Workspace Designer is easy.  Run the downloaded executable accepting all default settings.

Once installed, launch the Cloud Workspace Designer.




Company Name: This will be displayed on the title bar to the left of the application name. The Company name should not be excessive in length as it can cause formatting issues.


Client Name: This will be the name of the directories the client is installed in, the installed client name, and is displayed in the title bar. The Client name should not be excessive in length as it can cause formatting issues.


Partner Code: For partners only.  Entering your Partner code allows your branding to remain in place during future application updates

Primary Color: This will be provided with an RGB value. It is recommended that this be a darker color. In the Default Branding example above, the primary color is the Midnight Blue used for the title bar, text above the username/password boxes, toggle, and connect button.  This color is also behind the Custom Banner and any transparent parts of the image will display the Primary Color.


Secondary Color: Also provided with an RGB value. It is recommended that this be a lighter color. In the Default Branding example, the secondary color is the gray color and the color of the text in the button.


Use Black Labels: A true/false value provided to use black instead of the primary color for text (default is false).


Custom Banner: This is the image displayed below the title bar and can be a .png, .bmp, .gif, or .jpg. The aspect ratio is 21:9 with an exact measurement is 426x182. Images will be stretched to meet these dimensions so it is important that the aspect ratio be used for reference. The primary color will show through any transparency in this image.


Custom Icon: Changes the icon used for the Windows application.  Must be a .ico file. An icon file is a compilation of an image with different sizes. When providing a custom icon you want to make sure it includes as many of the following sizes as possible: 16x16, 32x32, 48x48, 96x96, 128x128, and 256x256. This is because when Windows displays the icon in different places (and in different sizes) it will use the closest image size available. So if you provide an icon with only a 16x16 size and Windows has to display it as big as 128x128 then it will have to scale it up to accommodate and it will look pixelated.


Once you've completed your changes, you can click Save, or Build. 

Clicking Save will save the design.  It can be loaded later by clicking the Load button.

Clicking Build will build the .EXE file that can be used to install the customized Cloud Workspace.

































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