Support Weekly Reporting

Support Weekly Reporting


Techs need to email over a VERY short summary of their weekly escapades.  I recommend they email them over at EOS on thursday nights. 


This is how it should look at the end:  An attached Excel with ticket stats and info pulled from Zendesk populating the rest. 



Excel formatting

Click the cog icon on the left. 

Download csv of all tickets


This will email you a full ticket report within 10 minutes. 

Its emailed in a zipped csv.  Extract it.

Open the excel from the week before and get the final ticket number on there.

On the new, full report you downloaded, remove all tickets prior to that final number.

Remove all rows except for B, K, Q, and W.

Save as excel workbook

Title format should follow Support Weekly Export - #date.#date.#date.xlsx




ZenDesk Info


I keep a weekly template of how the layout is for this.  Faster than recreating each time.  I attached samples of the raw export as well as the final weekly. 




This will get you to the stats area. 



Please make sure to select the correct dates.  Our week goes from Friday to Thursday.

You can get your new ticket count from here also.


The leaderboard below has ticket counts for each tech.



Satisfaction has our average for the week.



SLA has our SLA average for the week.

















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