Accessing OneDrive and Other Cloud Storage Services From Swizznet-Windows 10+

Applies to: All hosting customers.
Prerequisites: Windows PC with OneDrive installed.


Any drive mapping on your local PC will show in Swizznet.

To access OneDrive resources from Swizznet, map a drive to your local OneDrive folder.


Open File Explorer on your local desktop. Drag OneDrive from the left column to the desktop so that you create a shortcut.


Right click on the shortcut then select Properties.

Copy the Target path shown under the shortcut tab.


In File Explorer click on This PC, then click on Computer at the top.

Click the Map network drive button.


Pick the drive letter you want to use. (Do not use C: or H:).

Paste the path copied from the shortcut Target field into the Folder field here then change the path, replacing the C: portion of the path with \\localhost\C$. E.g.,

“C:\Users\username\OneDrive - Hosting Enterprises, Inc., dba Swizznet” is changed to,
\\localhost\C$\Users\username\OneDrive - Hosting Enterprises, Inc., dba Swizznet - NOTE: NO QUOTES


Click Finish.

Log on to Swizznet and the newly mapped drive to your OneDrive resources will show and the content accessible.



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