Citrix DPI Issue - No Option To Change It

In the update that was released from Citrix in July 2022, the ability to adjust DPI settings has been removed. We hope they resolve this in an upcoming patch. But, if you recently upgraded your Citrix Workspace and now find that the font is too small and there is no settings option to adjust it, this should be a straightforward fix if you are up for it.


In Win10 and 11, try this first:

Go to My Computer -> Program Files (x86) -> Citrix -> ICA Client.

Once there, locate both wfcrun32.exe and wfica32.exe.

Right click on one and select Properties. On the window that opens, click the Compatibility tab, and then check the box next to "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings". Then click OK.

For Windows 10 select  "Override high DPI scaling behavior.  Scaling performed by: System"




Do this for both Wfcrun32.exe and wfica32.exe


If that doesn't do the trick. This will. 


Log out of Citrix and uninstall Citrix from your computer. Then you will need to go to
and download Citrix version 2205 and install it. Once installed it will ask for a URL or email address type and then enter for your username and password. 
Once you are logged into Citrix, in the bottom right hand corner of your screen where the date and time are, click on the ^ and then right click on the Citrix and select advanced preferences

In advanced preferences click on High DPI and change the option from from the bottom option to:
if you have multiple monitors try the middle option: no let the OS
if you don't have multiple monitors try: Yes
if you have anything open in Citrix log it out and log out of Citrix and log back in. Check the sizing.
If you have multiple monitors and No let the OS doesn't work choose YES and log out and back in and try again.


If you're still having trouble, please let our support team know via 




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