Initializing ConnectWise Control on macOS Ventura (13.x) and later

Note: These instructions are for end users running macOS Ventura 13.x and later. For steps to set up ConnectWise Control on macOS 10.15-12.6, click here.

This guide is designed to show you the updated System Settings (previously named System Preferences) pane in macOS Ventura. These screens look significantly different than they did in previous version of macOS and a lot of preference panes were named differently as well.

The process will start out the same, with the client going to, entering the join code that we provide them and downloading the software. Upon double-clicking the ConnectWise icon from their Downloads folder, they will need to set security preferences in the Privacy & Security section as


1. Have the user navigate to the System Settings, by clicking the Apple logo in the upper left corner and selecting the correct item from the menu:



2. In System Settings, search for Privacy & Security and select the item from the results:


3. Click on Screen Recording and if the ConnectWise app is not already added, have the user click the + symbol at the bottom of the list of apps and select it from their Downloads folder. If the app is already in the list, verify it has a blue slider next to it (showing that it's enabled for screen recording). This allows us to see the client's full screens. A popup may result asking the user/client if they want to restart the ConnectWise app to use the new permissions. Have them choose "Later", as "Quit & Reopen" will force the client to restart the screenshare session.


4. In the Accessibility section, have the client again choose the + symbol at the bottom of the list of apps and add ConnectWise to their list from the Downloads folder. This will enable you to have full control over their screens when you need it.








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