DreamMaker - QB File Maintenance

This needs to be performed on all QB files before moving them to Swizznet. 

If you prefer to view this as a video: QB File Maintenance video

You will need to notate the location to your QB file

Start Quickbooks > Notate the Location in the No Company Open Screen


Select Open and login to your QB file as the admin user > switch to single User mode > Select File > Utilities > Verify Data.

The amount of time this takes is dependent on the size of the file


If you get a message stating that QB detected no problems with your data.


See Create a Quickbooks Backup

If you get a message that QB has found errors in your file, you will need Rebuild your data.

You can select Rebuild Now or if you need to do this at a later time,

File > Utilities > Rebuild Data


Select OK


Select OK


You can choose to save in the default location or you can navigate to the location you want to save a backup file > Select Save


The amount of time this takes is dependent on the size of your file


Select View Results


If QB lists errors it fixed or did not fix you can click the link to view the error

Run File > Utilities> Verify Data a second time to verify there are no errors in the file


If QB detects no issues, see Create a Quickbooks Backup


If you still get errors, stop and report that you have file issues that a rebuild did not resolve. We will look further into your file issues during your scheduled onboarding call. 



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